Auckland Naturopath Jane McClurg

I help busy women go from bloated and burnt-out to
bloat-free and fabulous, even if they’ve been struggling to put themselves first.

I'm Jane McClurg

Jane McClurg Naturopath

I’ve been to burnout-town and it’s no fun 😭
But I bounced back and so can you! 

I am a New Zealand based degree-qualified naturopath and medical herbalist who specialises in helping busy women conquer their IBS or thyroid problems and get comfortable again in their own body's!

Many people want more energy so they can do all the things they love. But often their gut issues or energy issues are holding them back! They often get stuck feeling bloated or running to the toilet and not knowing why.

It's time to "get to the bottom" of your uncomfortable digestive problems and energy sapping issues.

Jane McClurg works with clients all over Auckland and New Zealand, helping them transform their health from the comfort of their own home. So let's get started on your journey to better comfort...

At Blend Wellness it's my mission to empower you to optimise your wellness naturally. Having sustainable digestive harmony and optimal energy without restrictive diets and overwhelm is my end goal for you.

We achieve this together through:

  • Empathetic consultation process and functional testing so that we understand your unique root cause and formulate your unique wellness plan.
  • Meeting you where you're at and moving forward together so that you are empowered, hopeful, and not overwhelmed.
  • Delicious and easy wholefood nutrition and achievable lifestyle changes with accountability.
  • Individualized nutritional and botanical supplementation that won't cost a fortune and for only as long as you need it.

Enjoying endless energy and a happy belly again is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

I know that living a life stressed by health issues isn't fun.
But, regardless of how long you've been living in fatigue or with gut health discomfort, there is hope!
Here's how I can help...

Start with a Holistic Wellness Plan

We'll meet over Zoom so I can get to know you, your symptoms and your goals.

Put your personalised plan into action

After we've got "to the bottom" of your issues, enjoy ongoing support and put your personalised plan into action with the follow-up package.

Fruits and vegetables

Enjoy your new found freedom from fatigue, burnout or gut issues

It's time to live your life in comfort and confidence!

Happy woman outside

Jane McClurg's Qualifications

South Pacific College of Natural Medicine
Bachelor of Natural Medicine 2018

New Zealand College of Massage
Diploma in Body Therapies 2000

Auckland University
Bachelor of Science 1994

Nourished Gut Certified


5 Tips to reduce your bloating

(that doesn't include eliminating more of your favourite food!)