How do you relax?

Are you so busy that you find it hard to wind down? Maybe it’s time to schedule in that downtime and actually switching off. Your body and brain will thank you for it.

Many busy women say they are “active relaxers”, I am one…but I’m still un-learning my busy-ness. My relax time, my “me-time” would be cooking, or researching something on my laptop which would sometimes end up being work or playing snakes and ladders or lego with my son (#mumguilt). So in essence my “me-time” wasn’t really me switching off, and sometimes I’d end up feeling more exhausted.
Can you relate?

In world so fast paced, how do we switch off and actually recharge? Even fitting in exercise can feel like a chore or rushed as we have to get to the next school pick-up or work deadline, leaving our “fight or flight” response on constant alert.

The goal of me-time is to feel relaxed and recharged, a sense of joy and that your cup is full. So let’s dive into HOW you can fit in more relaxing me-time…

My Top 5 Hacks

1. Reflection & Journal

This is a two-fold exercise and a good one to start with because it may help you identify what will be YOUR ideal me-time. Someone else’s idea of me-time may not recharge you. So get a pretty journal and set aside 20 minutes to just write, and when I say set aside…I mean schedule it in your diary every Sunday afternoon or when it suits, but schedule it and keep that appointment with yourself.
Here are some journal prompts:
”My awesome idea of me-time includes…”
”What really brings me joy and fills my cup?”

2. Scheduling a buffer

Are you a “rushing women”? Are you always late? I was, sometimes still am. The best thing I did was to schedule in a buffer of 10 minutes between appointments, meetings, kids activities or what ever you have on during your day then you won’t be late and you won’t be stressing. Your body’s stress response doesn’t know that your late for a meeting, it thinks it’s a matter of life and death!
I enjoy nothing more than 10 minutes of quiet in the car when I’ve arrived early…use it to meditate, to do some deep belly breathes or to people watch (no scrolling please!)

3. Get Up 30 minute earlier

This is a game changer…having a morning routine sets the intention for your day. I know it can be difficult when you have small children (you need to be flexible if they get up at your new time) but it is worth it. Changing your “stay up late to get me-time” mentality to an early morning version is far more healthier.
Try out a few different things to see what you like: 15 minutes of yoga, 10 minutes of journaling after a 10 minute meditation, make a cup of tea and sit outside quietly, go for a walk…there are so many options. Trust me it will make your mornings flow so much better.

4. Exchange favours or book babysitters

If you’ve got kids then you know that they would love to hang out with their mates, so organise to swap playdate times or share school pick ups or drop off. I’m sure the other mums would totally be up for it too. Choose to do something just for you…even if it’s curling up on your favourite chair and reading your book uninterrupted.
Phone up the grandparents and book them in for an afternoon so you can go and get a massage (the ultimate me-time activity!). 

5. Put it on the family calendar

Scheduling in your me-time for all to see helps the family understand you need to recharge too. It’s a great thing to role model to your kids and I’m sure your partner can scheduling in his/her me-time too! You’re more likely to stick to it and honour yourself too if it’s in your calendar. Remember it doesn’t have to be a whole afternoon, it can be 15-20 minutes every other day to start with.
Get the kids to make you a “do not disturb” sign to hang on your door while you do your morning yoga!

So there you have it…my top 5 hacks for fitting in more relaxing me-time. The more we can feel refreshed like our cup is full the more our kids will learn it’s an important part of life and they will become more resilient too. The ripple effect of how we act is huge so don’t feel guilty about your me-time.
If you would like to chat more about reducing your mum stress…book a FREE 15 minute discovery call or go ahead and book your me-time massage!

Written by Naturopath and Gut Health Specialist - Jane McClurg

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