Self-care is important for creative flow and busting through creative blocks!
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by an amazing New Zealand artist Anna Mollekin from Anna Mollekin Art because she has experienced the value of naturopathic care and wanted to share this amongst her creative community. I just love the way she wants to support fellow artists and sees her community as an opportunity to collaborate rather than be competition. See below for the full interview…I hope you find some gems.

Shifting your moon

hifting you mood can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Going out in nature; barefoot is always best to ground with the earth.
  • Playing your favourite uplifting song and dancing around the room.
  • Movement and breathe are the key elements here.
  • Have a massage; connecting to your body while relaxing.
  • You can also utilise things like essential oils as scent has an immediate impact on the emotional brain.


Nutrition, mental health and wellbeing can definitely impact creativity. If you are not fuelling your body with the nutrients, positive thoughts or space it needs then you won’t be at your full potential.
This report, published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, studied about 400 young adults over 13 days and found that eating more fruits and vegetables correlates to better well-being and an increased sense of curiosity and creativity.
When you focus on yourself and honor what your body needs you will function on a much higher level/vibration.
Eating a rainbow of colours from your fruit and vegetables is essential to obtain all the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to fuel your brain and creativity as well as give you energy. Check out the interview to find out my top picks for vitamins and which foods to eat.

Brain Boosters

  • Essential oils I love for creativity are bergamot (reduces anxiety, uplifting), frankensense (3rd eye spiritual guidance, calming), Wild Orange (abundance), Lime (creativity, clarity), Rosemary (mental clarity).
  • Medicinal Herbs: Nootropics: enhances the brain cognition….Withania as it reduces stress. Gingko Biloba for brain function/memory, Gotu kola as a brain tonic, Bacopa for clarity and stress, Rosemary for memory, Kava for reducing anxiety and relaxation. Functional medicinal mushrooms: chaga, lion’s mane are revered for mental clarity. Book a Consult today to get your herbal formula tailor-made for you!

My Top 6 Tips for Busy Creatives

  1. Schedule time in nature even if you take the kids
  2. Plan your meals, even if it’s on the back of an envelope! (it doesn’t have to be structured if you like things to flow). Plan your nutrition! Have protein in each meal to keep you sustained.
  3. Make time for exercise, even if it’s 15 minutes of yoga (which is great for reducing anxiety…less anxious mind is a more creative mind)
  4. Focus on reducing clutter and toxity in your life: whether that’s de-cluttering your pantry or dealing with a toxic relationship or friendship…also reducing toxins going into your body as these clog up your cells communications.
  5. Gratitude practice and/or meditation can have a big impact on creativity and flow.

BONUS TIP: Seek help from a naturopath

For more in depth discussion check out my interview below! And don’t forget to check out Anna Mollekin Art (I’m wearing her design!)

If you would like help with energy, brain fog and getting your creativity flow back book a FREE Discovery Call today and let’s see which Naturopathic Session is right for you!

Written by Naturopath and Gut Health Specialist - Jane McClurg

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