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Easy online consults

Well the beauty is that times have changed; from traveling for miles to see a particular naturopath to seeing your favoured naturopath online from the comfort of your own home.

You know when you’ve been unwell for a while or something is not quite’re not sleeping well, you're bloated and uncomfortable and you’re at that point of “I just want to see someone now” because quite frankly you're over it!

Get the online naturopath & natural healthcare you want, now.

I was seeing clients online even before the explosion of telehealth during lockdowns and they love it.

Here’s why...

  1. See the naturopath you want to see

    Maybe you’ve had a recommendation from a friend; you really want to see this particular naturopath online.
    Or maybe you have a particular condition and you really want to see a naturopath who has a special interest in your condition. For example I have a special interest in thyroid conditions like hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s and gut health such as IBS and SIBO and I’ve done extra study around both of these conditions, so I can consult with people who have hypothyroid or IBS/SIBO wherever they are and they can get the best care specific to their needs. Rather than the naturopath that’s down the road from them who treats skin conditions.
  2. Location and lockdowns are not a barrier

    What if the naturopath you want to see moves towns, or the person you’ve been referred to is just too far away? What about if we have another lockdown and you can’t see your naturopath face-to-face? Being in a different town or being in lockdown doesn’t have to be a barrier with online consults. As long as you have an internet connection you're good!
  3. Skip the traffic and parking woes with a naturopath online 

    If you live in a big city you know that traveling across town can be a nightmare, and when you get there you can’t find a carpark. Arg! Quite often if we are unwell or stressed this type of stress can tip us over the edge. So it’s nice to know when you have an online naturopathic consult you get back 2 hours in your day plus parking costs can be spent on something you really like (like a tasty kombucha) and best of all; no stress!
  4. Less stress

    I think we are all pretty familiar with Zoom these days and we are all pretty comfortable with setting up for an online meeting. An online naturopathic consult is no different! Arriving at your Zoom consult frazzle-free is so beneficial for your well being journey, you’re likely to remember signs and symptoms or something that may have triggered this condition and all that information is critical for your naturopath to create your wellness plan. Many people feel so much more comfortable in their own home so that really helps to open the dialogue between client and naturopath.

5. Supplements and herbals easily delivered

With the ease of online consults or telehealth comes the convenience of your remedies being delivered to your doorstep. After your consult and wellness plan you can expect your supplements to arrive within a few days, sometimes overnight. Quick and easy and you’ll be on your way.

bottle with capsules and bowl with fish oil capsules

With the ease of online naturopath bookings many years ago, we’ve now come one step further so we can more easily serve our clients.
When you book an online consult with me a Zoom link is automatically created and put into your booking confirmation email and one for your reminder email. So you just click that link (once you have Zoom installed) and the video meeting will start.

Take action

If you’ve been worried about your health for a while now, it’s time to take action.

I’d love to chat to see where your at, so book a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call and let’s chat!

Written by Naturopath and Gut Health Specialist - Jane McClurg

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