How naturopathic care can help you!

The alarm goes off...somewhere in your dream, then you realise it’s not your dream its reality. “No!!” your mind screams...your body doesn’t seem to want to move but you force it to and you realise you’ve woken up with a stiff neck, again!
The morning is a mad rush, school lunch boxes, kids not’re yelling at them again after you promised yourself you would be a Zen Mum...sigh! “Coffee, where is my coffee! I’m going to be late for work, again!”
3pm rolls around and you’re looking for coffee again cause you’ve hit that slump, then the post-school medley race begins: snack time, homework time, dinner prep, bath time, dinner, kids bedtime, clean up time, collapse promise yourself you will do your mindfulness app tonight, yet 10pm rolls around and you are halfway through some crappy Netflicks to bed and can’t sleep, really?...but. I’m. so. tired!

Sound familiar??
Trust me, I’ve been there, I know what you are going through! But I started making small manageable changes that when added up really made a difference to my overall health and wellness (and Zen-nis!)
Imagine no longer dragging yourself out of bed! Imagine not needing that second coffee because your energy levels are well sustained throughout the day! Imagine being focused and smashing through your To Do List every day! Imagine getting to do your mindfulness because you’re not exhausted in the evening which then helps your stress levels and you’re less yelly and more Zen for your kids in the morning...Read on for my top tips that you can start doing today!

'The things we want out of life have a

remarkable way of falling into place when

we take our healing seriously"

Yung Pueblo

Jane’s Top “Getting To Fantastic” Tips

These are mainly centered on sleep as this has the biggest impact on our energy during the day!

  • Start your bedtime routine 15 minutes earlier. Set a reminder on your phone at 9pm to do 10 minutes of mindfulness then to brush your teeth and all the rest so you are in bed by 9.30pm or 10pm (the deepest sleep cycle are the two hours before midnight, this is where you get the most rejuvenating sleep!) Do this for at least one week before making other changes as you want these habits to be sustainable.
  • Get some natural light in or on your eyes first thing in the morning...this helps to regulate our circadian rhythm which in turn will regulate your sleep.
  • No caffeine or sugar after 1pm...or if you particularly sensitive to caffeine (like me) no caffeine after 9.30am as it can take up to 12 hours to metabolize from your system!
  • No sugary snacks after dinner...I know, I know...I have a sweet tooth too!! But these snacks can lead to a glucose crash at night which can wake you up. Brush your teeth straight after dinner!
  • Have a relaxing cup of herbal tea to ensure a good night’s sleep...Chamomile, Puraty De-Stress or Sleep Well tea, or Artemis Deep Sleep tea
  • Diffuse or dilute and apply to pulse points; Lavender essential oil the Queen of relaxation or many others that can assist relaxation and sleep are Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense and Cedarwood. I only use doTERRA essential oils for purity and therapeutic quality.

There are many more ways we can get you from fatigued to fantastic and everyone is different, so book your individualised naturopathic appointment with me (Jane) today...I’m excited to help!

Written by Naturopath and Gut Health Specialist - Jane McClurg

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