Feeling overwhelmed?

Life is busy isn’t it?

We all need some kind of support and a Bach Flower remedy could be just the thing for you. I’m sure you’ve heard of Rescue Remedy? If you haven’t it’s a little bottle with a yellow label which contains Edward Bach’s top 5 Bach flower remedies for stress and trauma…ideal for an acute situation to calm frayed nerves.
The thing is there are 38 different Bach flower’s and I love them because I can tailor your remedy to your emotional needs at the present moment and then adjust as needed as well.

As a busy mum myself I often turn to Bach flower remedies if I need that extra emotional support…feeling overwhelmed, struggling to face the day, being indecisive, feeling down but not knowing why. Sound like you too?
A few drops of these a day can make all the difference, like a cloud has been lifted.

What are Bach flowers remedies?

Dr Edward Bach gave up a prestigious Harley Street practice in 1930 to pursue his research into homeopathics and energy medicine in particular plants and their effect on emotions. He utilised these plant tinctures and then diluted them further to capture the essence of the flower.
He discovered that certain plants energy had a way of adjusting our negative emotion to a positive emotion. Just as we have a certain energy, so do plants and all living things and so they can be used to heal.

My top 8 Bach flowers for the busy mum: (in no particular order)

  1. Agrimony: feeling “mental torture behind a brave face” but you’d like to feel more “genuinely cheerful and self accepting"
  2. Elm: feeling “overwhelmed by responsibility & loss of confidence” but you’d like to feel more “ self assured & efficient"
  3. Hornbeam: feeling “mental weariness” but you’d like to feel more “restored strength & ready for the day ahead"
  4. Mustard: feeling “deep gloom for no apparent reason” but you’d like to feel more “at peace with inner stability"
  5. Scleranthus: feeling “uncertain, indecisive & a seesaw mood” but you’d like to feel more “ability to make quick decisions"
  6. Oak: feeling “exhausted but still struggling on” but want to feel more “energy restored but also aware of the need to relax"
  7. Olive: feeling “exhausted in body & mind but with all reserves gone” but want to feel more “restored strength, vitality & interest in life"

Can you relate?

As mum’s we can be very susceptible to other people’s energy as well, and so sometimes you just feel a little “off”…it could be your energy and you may be in need of some support.
It’s important to nourish our bodies with wholefood (check out my blog on Top 5 foods to support your adrenals), movement, nature and time-out but it’s important to nourish our energy as well.

As I said there are 38 different flowers to choose from and I love my clients to choose them for themselves…you can choose up to 8 flower remedies and I will blend them for you into a small dropper bottle which has a very dilute brandy/water mix for a preservative. Then it’s just 4 x drops under the tongue 4 x daily or you can add them to your water bottle. (8 drops to 1 litre of water).

If you’re struggling with stagnant energy or feelings of overwhelm then book a FREE Discovery Call with me and we can chat about what naturopathic treatment is right for you.

Written by Naturopath and Gut Health Specialist - Jane McClurg

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