This can’t go on

Feeling tired all the time has been going on for far too long and now you’re searching for some answers.

When we are busy we don’t often notice some of the foundational things that may have slipped out of our daily routine, things that help to keep our energy going. So here is a friendly reminder!

  1. Hydration: are you drinking enough water every day?
    A good tip is to always start your day with 500mls of water, that way you have a head start. It also helps to kick start your digestion which can be sluggish if you aren’t drinking the water. Always have a glass or stainless steel water bottle with you so you can hydrate on the go.
  2. Are you being too sedentary?
    Sitting at your computer for hours on end can be very draining. Getting up from your desk every 30-45 minutes and do some quick stretches or twists and once or twice a day going for a quick walk around the office or even better a quick walk around the block outside. The increased circulation can help clear brain fog by sending oxygen to your brain which is why it can be great for productivity.
  3. Are skipping meals?
    It’s too easy to do sometimes days when you have a deadline or if you need to leave earlier to pick the kids up from school so you work through your lunch break. It’s important to eat regularly to maintain steady blood sugar which in turn gives you steady energy throughout your day. Meal prep your lunches ahead of time to make sure you always have a healthy lunch on hand.
  4. Too many carbs or not enough carbs?
    If you love toast for breakfast, a muffin at morning tea & sushi for lunch you will quite likely crash at 3pm each day. These are high Glycemic Index (GI) foods that spike the blood sugar and leave you wanting more when you crash not long after eating them. Sending you on a blood sugar rollercoaster!
    Alternatively are going low carb and have literally dumped all carbs from your diet? And then are wondering why you are tired all the time.
    Having complex carbs such as high fibre brown rice, lentils or roast sweet potato give you a long slow release of energy, these are low GI foods that can keep you going for longer.
  5. Are you on the wine plus caffeine rollercoaster?
    A wine in the evening to wind down is something a lot of busy women look forward to, however if it means you are waking up foggy and more tired then reaching for the coffee first thing and then another mid-morning caffeine hit you could be well on the way to be feeling wired but tired! Break the habit by giving up the wine during the week (switch to a sparkling water or kombucha) and you’ll soon not need that second coffee and your adrenals will thank you for it!

f you’ve made these changes and you're still feeling tired there could be something deeper going on.
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Written by Naturopath and Gut Health Specialist - Jane McClurg

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