The 14 Day Body Reset Cleanse

But, it doesn't have to!

Hi, I'm Jane. I'd love to be your belly's new secret - secret weapon that is
- taking you from feeling embarrassed to feeling FABULOUS!

Sound familiar?...

  • You're an expert at the whole "discretely unbutton the top button of your pants under the table" scenario
  • You have your running shoes at the ready in case you have to drop an embarrassing "silent but violent" and run
  • You could write a "directory of public toilets" because you always have to be prepared
  • Dinner comes with a "burning feeling" and keeps you up all night
  • Or, you feel like a hot air balloon that could take off at any moment - oh.the.pain and secret shame!

If any of this resonates - let's talk ASAP!

Introducing The Holistic Wellness Plan

It's time to get to the root cause of your tđź’©ilet discomfort and get you spending your day thinking about much better things!

Here's how the Wellness Plan process works:

STEP 1: We'll meet to review your symptoms and your health history

In this initial 75 minute appointment we'll dive deep into what's been happening for you, your family history, and your health goals

STEP 2: You'll complete some tests

It's no use guessing the cause. Instead we'll ensure we "get to the bottom" of what's REALLY causing your uncomfortable symptoms using the best tests for you.

STEP 3: I'll create you a personalised wellness plan

All the medical jargon can be overwhelming - I know! So I do the hard analysis for you and create you a simple, easy to understand action plan to get you on the path to feeling well again.

STEP 4: Time to transition to the 'Heal My Gut in 12 Weeks Package' to help you implement your plan and heal your gut

Once they've got their personalised plan, most clients find it aids their success to have accountability, support and advice as they implement their plans. 

The Heal My Gut 12 week support program is designed to support you in enjoying rapid results and help you feel fabulous.

Your affordable investment

No need to sit feeling frustrated in agony. Let's get you the comfort you deserve!

Your Holistic Wellness Plan includes:


A 75 minute Naturopathic Consult - Valued at $197


 Analysis & Report of your functional testing and/or blood test  - Valued at $87

*cost of the tests themselves is separate because the cost depends on which tests you need


A Personalised Wellness Plan - Valued at $150


A 30 minute Zoom Wellness Plan Consult - Valued at $97

BONUS: personalised resources and recipes - valued at $37

Total value - $531

But you only pay - $297

You save - $230

It was a very informative and encouraging to know that I will be able to get my health back on track as it has been a concern for me for a while now. I felt welcomed, listened to and cared about which gives me motivation to make changes to achieve my health goals 


Hi, I'm Jane

I am a degree-qualified naturopath & medical herbalist who specialises in helping busy women conquer their abdominal discomfort and get comfortable again in their own skin!

We can work together from the comfort of your own home, as I can see you over Zoom.

Gut issues like IBS and SIBO have a lot of cross-over symptoms so it’s important to dive deep, get tested and treat the root cause to get you feeling like your old self but a healthier and energetic version!

If you're ready to ditch thinking about poop all day, and start living a life of freedom, let's talk!


What to expect:

  • Naturopathic care is about empowering you with your own healthcare. If you are ready to make some changes to a more healthier you then book a free discovery call. This is not a pill for an ill philosophy, it is a holistic approach taking into account your health history, emotional and physical wellbeing, nutrition and lifestyle factors
  • When you book an online consult with me you will receive a secure Zoom booking link in the confirmation email and in your reminder email.
    Please ensure you are situated somewhere private and quiet with no distractions…(book the babysitter if you need to…this is your time!)
  • Expect to have at least 4 consults over several months (often more) to start to create changes and unravel the root cause of your health issues.
  • I practice treating the system not just the symptom, treating the cause not just the disease and treating the client not just the diagnosis.
  • One-on-one consults with Jane McClurg a degree qualified naturopath.
  • You will receive a comprehensive wellness plan tailored to you, with easy actionable steps that won't overwhelm you.
  • You will receive a fillable PDF Food and Lifestyle journal to complete before your first appointment.
  • Access to practitioner-only high-quality supplements and herbs via prescription
  • Your supplements and herbs will be safely delivered straight to your door
  • You can pay securely online
  • You can upgrade from your initial appointment to my 12 week Heal My Gut Support Package if it’s the right fit and I have a payment plan to make it super easy and affordable
  • Refunds & cancellation please see my terms and conditions