What if you could get rid of your bloating (for good), resolve your IBS & reset your gut in just 12 weeks?

the gut reset method

This program is currently closed

Let me put it this way…. 

What if, in 3 months or less, you were finally free from uncomfortable bloating and food fear? Imagine knowing what to do to ensure you have a calm tummy and regular poops! And you no longer felt at the mercy of your IBS!

Here’s the problem...

  • You know there are foods that trigger your symptoms, but you don’t know which ones
  • You feel overwhelmed with how to manage a gut flare up
  • Your doctor diagnosed your IBS but gives you no treatment plan
  • And your internet searches keep giving you conflicting information
  • You feel embarrassed to ask for help
  • You’re sick and tired of wearing stretchy pants and having to know where every toilet is!
Fruits and vegetables

You know that in order to resolve the bloat & reset your gut, you need knowledgeable guidance and support,
someone to lean on...

Fruit and vegetables

Can you imagine?

  • Imagine having every day free from bloating, burping and sneaky farts (or not so sneaky!)
  • Being able to eat the foods you love without fear of “feedback”
  • Not stressing about having to know where all the toilets are when you’re out and about
  • Having energy and focus to achieve your career goals
  • Preparing yummy healthy meals for the whole family that you can enjoy too
  • What about no more anxiety, problem skin or achy joints
  • Feeling comfortable and confident in your favourite pair of jeans!
the gut reset method
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The Gut Reset Method is your step-by-step method to resolving
your IBS / SIBO or gut issues.

If you want to learn how to resolve your bloating, diarrhea, constipation  or food intolerances and have better health, I have something for you...

Through a thorough case-take and essential testing enjoy the confidence of your personalised wellness plan!


  • Online 1:1 support
  • Group coaching (feel supported with like-minded people on a similar journey)
  • Self-directed video education
  • You’ll not only have the resources you need to reduce your symptoms fast, but all the support and accountability you need to make lasting changes.

I have seen Jane a couple of times now and will continue to go back to her when I need to. She has a wealth of knowledge and I love her holistic approach. I really feel like she listens and genuinely cares about creating a balanced plan of action that works for your health goals. Highly recommend!


I recently embarked on a journey to improve my gut health, and Jane demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge and expertise in this field. Her holistic approach, combining evidence-based practices with a keen understanding of my individual needs, immediately instilled confidence in me. She took the time to listen to my concerns and asked insightful questions to understand the root causes of my gut issues and came up with a personalised plan for me. Highly recommend :)


Amazing knowledge, and ongoing support has been exceptional. I'm so glad I found Jane! She's really turned my health around in just a few months and I can't wait to keep this up with Jane guiding me in her lovely, gentle way


Here’s what you get inside The Gut Reset Method

Root Cause Health Assessment

  • Uncover your key drivers to your digestive discomfort, so that you can make the right changes and feel better faster.
  • In-depth intake of your health story, feel heard & your goals taken into a count.

Essential Testing: SIBO test or Complete Microbiome Mapping (CMM) test*

  • Test, don’t guess, so that we can tailor your treatment plan to you.
  • Functional testing tells us YOUR unique gut issues. I’ll recommend the best gut test for your symptoms.
  • With $350 of testing included, you can’t go wrong! *SIBO Testing (2 x breath tests $350 value) or (CMM) testing (Total $660 value) is an extra $310 to pay. 

Personalised Gut Balancing Nutrition Plan

  • No more confusion of what to eat
  • You'll receive the comprehensive SIBO Food Roadmap therapeutic diet plan, that moves you through 6 stages and includes recipes, shopping lists and meal plans. (There may be some restrictions in the beginning but always moving towards an inclusive and diverse way of eating).
  • Plus bonus recipes and meal plans as you nourish your gut and body to wellness.

Personalised Gut Reset Treatment Protocol

  • Based on your test results and 1st consult, I’ll devise the best herbal medicine and supplement protocol for your specific needs that won’t break the bank.
  • The right supplements for you, so that you feel amazing faster.

Mind the Stress: Gut/Brain Connection Tools

  • Learn how to manage your mind, stick to healthy habits and the importance of stress reduction to empower you beyond 12 weeks.
  • Set yourself up for easy digestion with these stress-reducing techniques.

Support & Accountability

  • Feel supported during your wellness journey with like-minded people.
  • Get accountability while you make changes so that they stick.

What makes this program different?


With both 1:1 practitioner support and group coaching support you’ll feel like you can achieve anything.

ginger lemon tea


Due to the testing and 1:1 consults your wellness plan will be tailored to your unique gut issues so that you’ll get results faster.



Gut issues never happen in isolation so we work holistically by supporting you not only with nutrition and treatment strategies but with lifestyle and behaviour changes to make this sustainable.

vegetable soup

Are you ready to 
Reset your Gut and feel fabulous again?

the gut reset method

It includes

1:1 Online Consultations (Zoom)

1 x 75 min Initial Consultation
1 x 30 min Wellness Plan Presentation
3 x 30 min Follow Up Consultations

Benefits to you

- In depth intake of your health history, feel heard & your goals taken into account

- Uncover you key drivers to your digestive discomfort



SIBO breath test (included)
Complete Microbiome Mapping (CMM) 
pay extra $310

- Test, don't guess! 

- Discover your unique gut issue, so that we can treat accordingly


Tailored Wellness Plan

- Easy to follow roadmap of your treatment, so that you have confidence in what changes you have to make and why.


Group Coaching Calls (Zoom)

- Fortnightly group coaching calls, so you feel supported and not alone, let’s celebrate your wins!


On-demand Video Education +
Trackers & Handouts

- Learn easy tips and quick wins to maximise your wellbeing!


Recipes & Meal Plans

- Access to the SIBO Food Roadmap Therapeutic Diet, plus coaching

- Over 50 Bonus Gut Healing Recipes! Meal plans if needed and learn how to eat for your unique gut.


This program is currently closed.

Your Investment - only $1647



PAYMENT PLAN $400 deposit then
just 12 x weekly payments of $107

Total Value - $2545

<<< Save over $800!

But wait...don't forget the bonuses!

  • Get my 14 Day Body Reset Cleanse e-course free! Worth $147
  • Get my Easy Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Energy Boosting Snacks ebook! Worth $14.97
  • Receive a welcome gift from me to you.
14 day body reset cleanse

 No need to struggle in discomfort anymore - let's get your
gut reset together...

Hi, I'm Jane

Jane McClurg

I am a degree-qualified naturopath & medical herbalist, and I work with people all over New Zealand. We can work together wherever you are as I only work online securely via Zoom.

I created this program after resolving my gut issues after much trial and error. I discovered along the way that even though I was doing "all the things" I needed support and accountability to really keep me going and make things stick. So that's why there is so much support in this program, you won't be left in the bloaty-wilderness!

We are all human, and so even as an adult, it takes a village to have success. 🥰

I've also completed additional gut health training as a Certified Nourished Gut Practitioner & Certified SIBO Food Roadmap Practitioner.

Nourished Gut Certified Practitioner Badge
SIBO Food Roadmap Certified Practitioner Badge

Jane is awesome!!I feel she has really listened to me and developed a plan that is easy to follow with steps that can be easily achieved. I’m looking forward to this healthier chapter.



What is The Gut Reset Method?

The Gut Reset Method is a 12-week group coaching program with 1:1 naturopathic support. You’ll get both individual 1:1 consults PLUS supportive group coaching and self-directed video education, so that you are empowered to make lasting changes.
The method focuses on:
•SIBO or Microbiome testing and assessment
•Tailored Wellness Plan
•Weed, feed & seed – correcting the dysbiosis and overgrowth in the small and large intestine
•Supportive therapeutic meal plans and recipes
•Stress management tools to support your digestion and healthier life
•Knowledgeable support & accountability to keep you on track

How do I know this is right for me?

If you have IBS, SIBO or several of the following digestive symptoms and you are ready to make some epic changes, then this program is right for you. This program is designed for gut issues where the main symptom is bloating. You may not have an official IBS diagnosis, but that’s what SIBO testing is for as 70% of people with IBS have SIBO.
Do you have several of the following symptoms: Constipation, Heartburn/reflux, Diarrhoea, Gas/bloating, Food intolerances, Multiple antibiotic use, Eczema/psoriasis, Mood issues, Fatigue/low energy, Nutrient deficiencies, Long-term PPI use, Burping, Nausea, Abdominal discomfort, Restless Leg Syndrome, Weight gain, Weight loss, Depression/anxiety.
This program requires you to commit to making changes to your diet, to your lifestyle and your habits, so if you’re truly ready to go all in, then let’s do this…together!

How much time will this take me each week?

The online course content is delivered in bite sized lessons, less than 15 minutes. The learnings to integrate into your lifestyle and form new habits is up to you. Group coaching calls will be fortnightly and up to 45 minutes if you stay on for the whole call and depending on how many people join.

When are the group coaching calls? What if I can’t attend?

Group coaching calls will be Tuesdays at 7pm every second week. You’ll get dates when you sign up. The calls will be recorded and posted in the course portal.
I highly recommend you attend the calls as it’s where you’ll gain insight from others questions and feel supported and that you are not in it alone.

Why is the program 12 weeks?

12 weeks is the minimum amount of time it takes to heal the gut; however, it can be different for everyone; some may take longer. Usually, you’ll start to see improvement by 6 weeks, as we move through the steps of nourish, weed, seed, and feed the gut.

Can I do this program if I’m vegan or vegetarian?

Yes. My philosophy of optimal health, and the most current research all support a plant-based diet (about 80-90%) with high-quality animal products (about 10-20%), however I do have swaps for animal products.

What are the additional costs?

All costs of supplements are additional + shipping. Usually around $100 - $150 a month, depending on your case.
Cost of CMM testing there is an additional cost of $310 above the cost of the program. The cost of this test is $660 and there is $350 included in the program costs. This test is optional. 

Do you have a refund policy?

Within 7 days of purchase, and before the initial consult there is a no-questions asked refund available. If the initial consult has been done then after that there are no refunds given.

Who is this gut reset program for?

Who is this program for:


👍🏼You are ready to commit to making changes to really sort your gut out for good. (do something different!)

👍🏼If you’ve had a diagnosis or suspect you have IBS, SIBO or dysbiosis. Or suffer from bloating, food intolerances, diarrhea, constipation, pain or reflux.

👍🏼You need a structed plan and you work well with having support and guidance.

who is this program not for:

👎🏼You are looking for a quick fix and are not keen to change your routines, lifestyle or diet to fix your gut.

👎🏼You are not in a financial position to invest in your health.

👎🏼You are not prepared to do any gut testing

👎🏼You are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are you ready to finally resolve your bloating and enjoy life to fullest!

Book in your free 20 min Gut Reset Discovery Call to see if you will suit this program.

I can't wait to see you in the
The Gut Reset Method

the gut reset method