Holistic Wellness Plan

Step by step naturopath plan to go from bloated and burnt-out, to
bloat-free and energised!

Taking you from fatigue, bloating, IBS or SIBO, hypothyroid, or just not feeling yourself, to getting to the root cause of your health issue.

Sound familiar?...

  • You're an expert at the whole "discretely unbutton the top button of your pants under the table" scenario
  • You have your running shoes at the ready in case you have to drop an embarrassing "silent but violent" and run
  • You could hit snooze on your alarm 12 times or more every morning even if your in bed at 8pm
  • You just don't have the energy to meet friends after work or play with the kids on the weekend
  • Or, you feel 6 months pregnant by the end of the day, every day - oh.the.pain and secret shame!

If any of this resonates - let's talk ASAP!

Introducing The Holistic Wellness Plan
2 Consult Package

I support busy women go from bloated and burnt-out to bloat-free and energised, and achieve gut harmony. There's no need to go it alone, join me now!

Here's how the Holistic Wellness Plan process works:

STEP 1: We'll meet to review your symptoms and your health history

In this initial 75 minute appointment we'll dive deep into what's been happening for you, your family history, and your health goals

STEP 2: You'll complete some tests

It's no use guessing the cause. Instead we'll ensure we "get to the bottom" of what's REALLY causing your uncomfortable symptoms using the best tests for you.

STEP 3: I'll create you a personalised holistic wellness plan

All the medical jargon can be overwhelming - I know! So I do the hard analysis for you and create you a simple, easy to understand action plan to get you on the path to feeling well again.

STEP 4: Time to transition to the "Follow-Up Package' to help you implement your plan and heal your gut

Once they've got their personalised plan, most clients find it aids their success to have accountability, support and advice as they implement their plans. 

The "Follow-Up" support program is designed to support you in enjoying rapid results and help you feel fabulous.

Your affordable investment

No need to sit feeling frustrated in agony. Let's get you the comfort you deserve!

Your Holistic Wellness Plan 2 Consult Package includes:


A 75 minute Naturopathic Consult - Valued at $197


 Analysis & Report of your functional testing and/or blood test  - Valued at $87

*cost of the tests themselves is separate because the cost depends on which tests you need


A Personalised Holistic Wellness Plan - Valued at $150


A 30 minute Zoom Wellness Plan Consult - Valued at $107

BONUS: personalised resources and recipes - valued at $37

Total value - $578

Your investment - $257
Or ask about my split payment option: 2 x $143.50 (includes $15 admin fee)

You save - $321

It was a very informative and encouraging to know that I will be able to get my health back on track as it has been a concern for me for a while now. I felt welcomed, listened to and cared about which gives me motivation to make changes to achieve my health goals 


Hi, I'm Jane

Jane McClurg Naturopath

I am a degree-qualified naturopath & medical herbalist, and I work with people all over New Zealand.
We can work together to develop YOUR personalized holistic wellness plan wherever you are as I only work online securely via Zoom.

I have a special interest in thyroid health and gut health. Both hypothyroidism and gut issues like diarrhoea or constipation often seen as IBS and SIBO have a lot of cross-over symptoms so it’s important to dive deep, get tested and treat the root cause to get you feeling like your old self but a healthier and energetic fabulous version!


What should I expect when I see a naturopath?

Naturopathic care is about empowering you with your own healthcare. If you are ready to make some changes to a healthier you, then book a free discovery call. This is not a pill for an ill philosophy, it is a holistic approach taking into account your health history, emotional and physical wellbeing, nutrition and lifestyle factors. This is where we formulate your holistic wellness plan. 
The first session is lots of information gathering about your health and health history, once we have that information you can book follow ups at any time for new issues, without having the lengthy first appointment again. 

How do I get the Zoom link for our session?

When you book an online consult with me you will receive a secure Zoom link in the booking confirmation email and in your reminder email.

Do I have to do anything before our first session?

Yes, in your confirmation booking email you will receive a PDF Food Diary to fill in and return 48 hours before your 1st appointment. Also in the email are links to 3 short questionnaires to fill online. The information you provide in these plus our session together helps me formulate your holistic wellness plan.

For our sessions, please ensure you are situated somewhere private and quiet with no distractions.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends on several factors, how long you’ve had your health issue, your willingness to make changes etc. However, on average I’ve found the 12 week package the most effective for people as most need extra support and accountability to stay on track. That said, some may only need 3 or 4 follow up sessions.

How do I receive my supplements and herbs?

You’ll have access to practitioner-only high-quality supplements and herbal medicine blend tailored to your needs via prescription. Your supplements and herbs will be safely delivered straight to your door. You can pay securely online.

How do I book the split payment option?

Book a FREE Discovery Call and I will book your appointments for you and email you an invoice. The first invoice $143 is payable immediately and the 2nd invoice $143 will be emailed prior to your Wellness Plan presentation and is payable prior to the appointment.
This option includes a $15 admin fee.

I truly believe in making naturopathic care more accessible, I hope this option helps. 

Do you have a refund policy?

There is a client agreement you will be asked to sign at your first appointment which covers refunds and cancellations. You can also read my terms and conditions by clicking the link below in the footer.