The Wellness Audit Mini-Consult

Finally a simple health plan to stop the overwhelm and improve your ENERGY!

No need to keep struggling to figure things out on your own and wasting time on the latest wellness trend.
The Wellness Audit is a mini consultation designed to help you identify YOUR 3 next best steps to take you to better SLEEP, STRESS SUPPORT or IMMUNE SUPPORT.

Improving your health with my personalised Wellness Audit

 is as easy as 1,2,3.

We do a Wellness Audit

First we check in on what you are eating, how you feel and your poop; yep, Food, Mood & Poop are great indicators of whether you're well or not.

I will send you a 7 Day Food and Lifestyle Journal (PDF fillable) when you book, so please allow enough time to gather the info before our consult.

We meet over Zoom

After I receive your 7 Day Food and Lifestyle Journal we meet over Zoom for 30 minutes.
To really figure out the best place to start, I like to see where you're really at and meet you there, let's chat to see what fits for you. We go through your journal results and then I can get a clear idea of the next best steps for YOU.

Put your plan into action

After your Wellness Audit I will email your step by step plan which will outline your top 3 recommendations (Diet, Lifestyle & Supplement Prescription) that won't feel overwhelming and will get you on the road to energy and vitality!

Jane partners with you to understand your needs and she customises the plans in a very pragmatic way, which makes some of the changes easy to adopt and sustain. She has a lovely way of holding you accountable to ensure that small changes are happening.”


Get back to feeling your energetic self

Lose the overwhelm around getting your energy back and get practical easy steps to change.

The Wellness Audit includes:

  • 7 Day Food, Mood and Poop Journal to get a clear picture of what's going in and what's coming out!
  • 30 minute Wellness Check Up Zoom Consult.
    Value $107
  • A delicious 3 day meal plan including recipes and shopping list to get your changes started easily.
    Value $67
  • My top 3 wellness recommendations summary report specific to you.
    Value $133



SAVE $247

β€œIt was a very informative and encouraging to know that I will be able to get my health back on track as it has been a concern for me for a while now. I felt welcomed, listened to and cared about which gives me motivation to make changes to achieve my health goals


Hi, I'm Jane

I've been there, from burnout to bounced back so I know what it takes and that small consistent changes work to get you're health back on track.

Many busy women have fatigue which can be linked to thyroid issues, or digestive problems like IBS or SIBO.
They find themselves just too tired to do the things they love, or too scared they'll need to run to the bathroom if they go out with friends or snapping at their kids and irritable with their fun!

I help busy women with connecting the dots of what's causing their exhaustion, bloating, and irritability in particular with Thyroid and Gut health so you can achieve more balance, less stress and more joy in each and every day by small step by step changes (that aren't scary).

I look forward to empowering you with your health so you can thrive naturally!


What happens at The Wellness Audit 30 minute consult?

Once you've paid for and booked your session you will receive a booking confirmation email that will have your 7 Day Food and Lifestyle Journal attached in a PDF fillable format. Please download and save this to your computer and then fill it out over the next 7 Days, save it, then email it to me at at least 24 hours prior to your consult.

There will also be a link in the email that will take you to a short information form for you to fill in. Both of these will assist me in formulating your plan.

What if I booked my consult within the 7 Days needed to fill in the journal?

I would prefer 7 days of information from you, however 4-5 days will be sufficient. Please do not book the consult the same day or the next day as the purpose of the 30 minute consult is to go through your food and lifestyle information to help formulate your plan. If you have booked the consult the same day I will call you to reschedule.

Do I really need to tell you about my poop?

Yes! Us naturopath's love talking about poo, so don't be embarrassed! It tells us soooo much info about your elimination / detoxification systems and really is one of the key indicators of wellness.

What if I need to reschedule?

Please email me at to reschedule or cancel your appointment. In consideration of others needing appointments, I have a 48 hour cancellation policy.

Where will the meeting take place?

The Wellness Consult (30 minutes) is securely via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link in your booking confirmation email and reminder email. Please ensure you have Zoom installed and you are in a quiet, well lit space with no distractions for our meeting. Everything we discuss is completely confidential.

When will I receive my results?

After our 30 minute consult you will receive your top 3 Actionable Wellness Tips tailored to you, with easy steps that won't overwhelm you. This will be emailed to you within 3 days of our consult.

I can't find a time that suits, do you have any other times available?

The times in my calendar are what I have available. However, sometimes I'm able to move something within 15 minutes to fit another client in so please email me with your times that you are thinking of and I'll see if I can accommodate.

My health issue is a bit complex, Is this the right appointment for me?

No, this is a great introductory consultation, suited to just one issue such as sleep, stress reduction or immune support. For more complex health issues please book The Holistic Wellness Package or if it is a gut specific issue book a FREE Discovery Call to discuss if The Gut Reset Method is suitable for you.

Naturopathic care is about empowering you with your own healthcare. If you are ready to make some changes to a more healthier you then book a free discovery call. This is not a pill for an ill philosophy, it is a holistic approach taking into account your health history, emotional and physical wellbeing, nutrition and lifestyle factors.
I practice treating the body system not just the symptom, treating the cause not just the disease and treating the client not just the diagnosis.

Refunds & cancellation please see my terms and conditions

No need to keep struggling with your low energy.
Get a step by step personalized plan, and feel energized!

Ideal if you're struggling with sleep, stress or immune issues,
Grab this mini naturopathic consultation today.

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